Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Wedding Maps

We have wedding maps.

 maps on table at wedding

Please disregard the wilted flowers.

I love maps. I could look at them for hours. So when planning our wedding for August 2012, I thought it would be neat to have our guests look at maps too, and contribute a few of their thoughts onto the map:
  • Where they were born - green
  • Where they live now - red
  • A neat place they have been with the bride and the groom - blue
  • Where they could go if they could go anywhere - yellow
marked up map of Europe
I can verify that some of these dots have been misplaced.

I have been looking at these maps as I am trying to straighten things up lately. They have been hanging around our office for the last two years, constantly getting in the way, never getting hung on the wall. Because even though Europe, all of Canada, and a world view fit into a nice, rectangular frame shape, how to manage the map of Southern Ontario eluded me.

It's wacky shape is what you see hanging off the top of the picture frame on the top left (above). I know I should have been able to make it a more manageable shape, but I love Ontario - cutting any part out of it is painful, so I wanted to retain as much it as I could. After consulting with someone more artistic than I, I decided to laminate it and cut it out, to display all its irregularly-shaped wonder.

Southern Ontario's irregularly shaped wonder

Off the to do list. Almost on the wall.

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