Monday, February 23, 2015

WIP - bug crinkle taggie toy

In the crafting and knitting world, WIP refers to a work-in-progress, or a stalled project. Finishing things has never been my strong suit. I have many works-in-progress. I also have a high level of comfort with wearing and using half-finished items.

This is why my baby plays with a partially finished taggie thing.

After seeing her grasping at the short tags on some of her toys, I decided to make a taggie blanket. After looking at pics online for inspiration (so many cute ones, but this cloud and this circle made me smile) , I decided to make a much cooler taggie toy. But I wanted crinkle in it too, so I decided adding wings would be good. I think it was at this point that the project got bigger than a one-hour Saturday night sewing.

Everything is properly secured, but I only managed to sew on one wing, and no face, before I got sick of it. So instead of a character, the toy is really just a thing. Goal this week? To finish the toy.

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